What is Spinach?

This leafy green vegetable is believed to have first been grown in South East Asia and its name derived from the old French word ‘espinache’.

Today spinach is renowned equally for its nutritional properties as well as its culinary versatility.

Spinach has bright green glossy leaves with small stems. It has a buttery yet peppery taste and can be enjoyed raw or cooked in a host of different ways.

Cooking with Spinach

You can Eat Spinach in a Variety of Ways...

The most important thing to remember with spinach is that it needs hardly any cooking at all!

You can enjoy it raw in smoothies and salads, use to top pizzas, or stir a handful in at the last minute to pasta or risottos.

Spinach is a perfect partner for curries, makes super smooth soups and brilliant breakfasts and brunches when paired with eggs.

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Health Benefits of Spinach

Spinach Adds Nutrients to Every Dish.

It’s easy to see why health experts rate spinach so highly when you see just how much a portion of this tasty green delivers.

However, to put the record straight, Popeye actually ate spinach for its vitamin content and not its iron content! Spinach is though rich in folate as well as being a source of vitamins A and C. It is also low in calories

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Growing Spinach

Spinach Thrives in the Rich Soil of Lincolnshire.

But whilst it is mostly grown in Britain, in the colder months spinach is grown by British farmers in Spain and Italy, to ensure that there is a year-round supply of this popular vegetable.

Spinach can take from 28 to 85 days between sowing and harvesting. Spinach seeds are sown several times a week so customers can continue to enjoy spinach whatever the season.

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