Global cuisines

Global cuisines

We're lucky to live in a world that's full of rich and diverse cuisines. Each and every country has its own unique flavours and ingredients, so we wanted to take advantage of this at Discover Great Veg and showcase some of our more exotic recipes.

Take a look at the list below, as we've gathered inspiration from 10 amazing countries and of course championed our favourite veg into the mix.


Prawn & Kale Paella

You can't go wrong with this one-pot flavoursome paella - a firm Spanish favourite. We've jazzed it up with kale, which is loved for both its nutritional profile and versatility, not to mention its flavour.


Kale, Lemon & Prawn Pilaf

This Middle-Eastern prawn and kale pilaf dish is an aromatic sensation, mixing in kale gives it that extra depth of flavour.


Korean Spinach & Rice Bowls

A rice bowl or 'Bibimbap' is a traditional dish served in Korean cuisine - adding in spinach and sprinkling with sesame seeds and onions tops it all off.


Salmon & Leek Tarte Tatin

A tasty Tarte Tatin is a French delight which is typically dessert-based, however this savoury version with salmon and mouth-watering leeks is a refreshing take.


Mexican Vegetable Chilli with Spicy Kale Crisps

Mexican dishes are known to have a kick and this vegetable chilli dish with spicy kale chips will not disappoint. Take it up a notch by using hot chilli powder…if you're feeling daring.


Seared Beef with Kale & Beetroot

This classic British beef recipe accompanied with seasonal summer beetroot makes a moreish midweek meal.


Chicken, Spinach & Butter Bean Tagine

Try this authentic and fragrant tagine - the perfect comfort food. Our version includes spinach, giving it a light and nourishing touch.


Gnocchi with Cavolo Nero & Hazelnut Pesto

An Italian favourite with a nutty twist. Enjoy this gnocchi with hazelnut pesto all year round with cavolo nero.


Cavolo Nero, Noodle and Miso Stir Fry

This filling stir fry with cavolo nero for that extra crunch, contains delicious mineral-rich Miso paste - a staple of Asian cuisine.


Cavolo Nero Roulade with Mushrooms

Not your average sweet Swiss Roll. This creamy and savoury roulade with cavolo nero and mushrooms makes a great light lunch and ticks all the boxes.

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