A Handful a Day

A Handful a Day

A handful of spinach a day can go a long way, which is why this leafy veg is such a fridge favourite. It’s tasty, versatile and great value and it’s so easy to add a handful of spinach to so many dishes, from smoothies to sandwiches to curries and salads.

A large handful (100g) of raw spinach provides a host of nutrients. These include vitamin A which promotes healthy, clear skin and vision; vitamin C which aids the growth of healthy connective tissue and folate which contributes to a healthy immune system. To help you add a little spinach to your day, we’ve come up with a 5-day plan of ways to add some goodness to your breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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Monday: Spinach & Kale Superfood Smoothie

Get the week off to a refreshing start with our Superfood Smoothie, packed with kale, banana, apple juice and of course, a handful of spinach! These ingredients blend together to make a drink that’s naturally sweet for a tasty burst of energy!

Tuesday: Avocado, Egg & Spinach Sandwich

Prepare yourself a lunch you’ll be looking forward to all morning! This tasty Avocado, Egg and Spinach Sandwich from Live Lighter is a healthy, sarnie that’s packed full of flavour. The handful of spinach doesn’t only add extra vitamins to your lunch but a refreshing texture to complement the creamy avocado and egg!

Wednesday: Tuna with Lentils, Spinach and Spicy Yogurt

Our Seared Tuna Steak isn’t just a feast for the eyes but the taste buds too! We recommend using a pouch of precooked lentils for a quick alternative to speed up the cooking time of your midweek meal. You know the next step… Add a handful of spinach for an extra splash of colour and nutrients to this beautiful dish.

Thursday: Spinach, Grape & Feta Salad

For Thursday’s lunch, take a handful of spinach (or a couple, for good measure), add crumbled feta and halved grapes to create a light, balanced sweet and savoury salad!

Friday: Florentine Pizza

As it’s Friday, a treat is definitely on the menu! Top a Florentine Pizza with an egg for a cracking start to your weekend! And don’t forget the handful of spinach for a tasty and healthy finishing touch! Chefs Tip: Try using a wholemeal or mixed grain mix for a healthier base!

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