Tick all the Packed Lunch Boxes

Tick all the Packed Lunch Boxes

Box clever in the lunch stakes this September by using spinach & kale to create tasty packed lunch dishes for kids and the rest of the family too!

Finding tasty yet healthy food which gets full marks from kids, parents and teachers can be tricky, but the recipes for Spinach Houmous with Pittas, Kale Crisps and Kale Pesto Pasta tick all the boxes and are also quick to prepare, convenient to transport and store and low in sugar.

With kale lovers including Tom Daley, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Rihanna, kids (both young and old) can be certain their favourite stars are fans of the green stuff too.

Spinach and kale contain a host of vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for kids. Spinach is rich in folate which contributes to a healthy immune system and both spinach and kale contain vitamin A which has an important role to play in promoting healthy vision. The vitamin C in both brassicas helps with wound healing and as a source of vitamin K it can help maintain healthy bones.

These recipes can be prepped the night before or first thing in he morning and kids can help with some of the steps - which research* shows does encourage healthy eating habits! These tasty dishes are ready to enjoy at lunchtime, or as a breaktime or after school snack.

* http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/childhealth6-15/Pages/Lighterlunchboxes.aspx


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