Nutritionist Pixie Turner’s Top Tips on Livening up Lunches While Working from Home

Nutritionist Pixie Turner’s Top Tips on Livening up Lunches While Working from Home

23 Mar 2021


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With most of us having been working from home for a year now, you may have slipped into eating the same lunch every day. It will still be a while before we can all return to work permanently, so, to help change up your routine and add some excitement to your day, Pixie Turner, Nutritionist for Discover Great Veg, has shared her top 5 tips for creating simple midday meals. From reviving leftovers to new ideas for salads, why not give these a go on your next lunch break?

  1. Swap your lettuce for something more exciting. Let's be honest, spinach tastes way better and can feel far more exciting than your standard lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. Plus, you're looking at an extra dose of iron, vitamin A, folate, and vitamin C.
  2. Add some texture to your soup by sprinkling some seeds and feta on top. A variety of textures can help us feel more satisfied with our meal rather than feeling like something is missing. Want even more texture? Make your own garlic butter and spread that on toasted bread to have on the side.
  3. Give your leftover chili or stew an extra boost by stirring in some leafy greens, like cavolo nero or spinach. It'll hopefully feel less like you're eating leftovers, and more like a new meal, which means more excitement and more satisfaction too.
  4. Make the most of your microwave. Put a whole sweet potato in there, come back in 10 minutes (maybe prep your toppings or fillings in the meantime) and then enjoy! Contrary to popular belief, microwaving is actually one of the best cooking methods when it comes to retaining nutrients in food.
  5. Cook double the amount of pasta you need in the evening and turn the leftovers into a pasta salad at lunchtime. Even though you're starting with the same carbohydrate base, you'll get two different meals out of it with minimal effort. Consider adding some leafy greens, some cheese, and some pomegranate seeds for a whole added flavour and texture experience.

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