Kale - The Inside Out Guide

Kale - The Inside Out Guide
You've probably heard the saying 'you are what you eat' but what you may not realise is that this holds true both for inside and outside your body. You need to ensure your diet contains key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to ensure skin, hair and eyes are nourished from within. The organs that you can't see like your heart, bones and nervous system also need the right balance of nutrients to help keep them healthy and in tip-top condition.There are many ways kale which can benefit you on the inside:

Vitamin K and calcium for bone health

Vitamin K helps to keep the bones healthy and is important for wound healing. In addition to being a vital nutrient for strong healthy bones, calcium helps to regulate our heart beat and allow muscles to contract.

Potassium for heart health

Potassium is important for the correct functioning of the heart muscle and helps to keep the heart beating with a healthy rhythm.

Lutein for eye health

This can help protect the skin and eyes from damage from sunlight by boosting the skin's natural antioxidant capacity.

There are also many ways kale which can benefit you on the outside:

Vitamin C and A for skin

Vitamin C is essential for the manufacture of collagen and structural protein which support that skin and keep it firm. A lack of vitamin A in the diet can also cause the skin to become rough and dry.

Folate and Iron for red blood cells

These are both essential for the manufacture of red blood cells which carry oxygen and nutrients around the body. Lack of iron and folate in the diet can cause anaemia which can cause lethargy and lack of energy.

Watch our video below for more information on how eating kale can benefit your body on the inside and out…



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