Have you got VegPower?

Have you got VegPower?

Any fans of Coronation Street or The Voice may have seen a brand-new advert on their TV screens this year from VegPower, an initiative that aims to encourage more children across the country to eat more veg! The ad, which is also showing on outdoor screens across the nation, has a tongue in cheek approach with its #EatThemToDefeatThem theme - but at its heart is a really important message: it's never too young to start eating healthy fresh produce.

Naturally we're big fans of anything that helps introduce children (and adults!) to the wonders of great tasting vegetables, so have added our support to the campaign. Pupils across the country will be receiving special VegPower packs (with a reward and sticker chart), and for 10k pupils near our farms in Lincolnshire, their pack will include a special leaflet introducing kale. To make sure no one misses out though, we have made the leaflet available to download here.

You can introduce kale to your kids' meals in a number of easy, tasty ways - mix it into mash potato (the Irish call this dish colcannon), stir it into a pasta sauce or even make some delicious crisps! And what could be better than a delicious plate of Kale Packed Mac 'N Cheese!

We always love to see how families are enjoying kale so make sure to tag @DiscoverGreatVeg on Facebook and Instagram with pictures of your kale dishes.

If you haven't seen the advert you can watch it here. #EatThemToDefeatThem

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